Stress and anxiety are ever present in todays busy society. Work with someone who will teach you the tools to brush stress and anxiety aside.

It may be hard to believe but not all stress is bad for us. In some instances it sharpens our concentration and creates greater motivation sometimes because of a happy occasion. Can you think of the day you got that promotion? Perhaps a family wedding or christening? moving to a bigger house? or packing for a holiday? All of these are quite normal and positive events that cause us stress even though they are happy memories. In this instance the stress was useful to perform a responsibility or task.

Ultimately it is how we perceive and react to an event that determines whether these events are stressful to us. If you can learn to successfully deal with stress then it is far more likely you will succeed in business and family life. This also will lead to better relationships with others. Most importantly you will feel mentally and physically stronger to meet lives daily challenges. All to often we let ourselves get anxious about money, having enough time to do things, meeting deadlines, being good enough, the list is endless. Physical symptoms of such stress can be tiredness, irritability, nausea, headaches, ulcers.

I help clients identify and understand the issues that cause them stress so that together we can help change your thought processes. No matter what life throws in your way, you will learn to use techniques that will help you to feel calm, relaxed, confident and in charge, no matter what the situation may be.

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