I went to see Michael several months ago with severe depression and anxiety that had plagued me since childhood. After my session I have never looked back…anxiety and depression gone! my life has changed dramatically.

I felt completely at ease with him and telling him how I wanted my life to be.

I would definitely recommend Michael

Pauline Cox

I had great session today with Michael. Anyone that is looking to get rid of there demons, or to gain some confidence in areas that they would like to be better in then you need to arrange a 1-2-1 with Michael A1 Service.

Anthony Lune

I saw Michael about a month before a flight booked to Australia. I had developed a fear of flying, the thought of it made my palms go sweaty and fear sink in. I was so worried about how I was going to manage. On top of the fear of flying I also was a fairly anxious person.

I can happily say that I got the flight, after hypnotherapy with Michael and I used everything he taught me. I couldn’t believe that I had made it after all those hours of flying without feeling extremely anxious and not having any sort of panic attack- which I was afraid of. Michael made such a difference !

On top of that, my anxiety has dramatically eased and again if I am ever struggling I remember and use techniques from the hypnotherapy.

I would 100 percent recommend Michael to anyone struggling with anxiety or anything else. It make you feel amazing, I can’t think of anyone I would like more to help me than michael. He made me feel safe and at ease as as being so genuine, caring and passionate.

Thank you Michael!

Jennifer Prentice-Holmes

First time working with Michael and I cannot recommend him and his therapy enough.

I had a lifetime fear of heights and within 1 session I no longer fear heights or the thought of them.

If Michael says he can help you – don’t hesitate.

Craig Drew-Sutton

Michael has helped me immensely over the four sessions I’ve had with him. I used to get very anxious over exams and felt inadequate. Micheal helped me to regain my confidence and helped calm me down so I could pass a very important exam. My sleep has improved as well as a very bad neck pain I have had for 14 years. I am very very grateful to him and would recommend his sessions to anyone!

Mitzi Smith

Very relaxed and peaceful environment. Michael is a very down to earth person and really gets to the bottom of any problems or feelings you may need help with.
I went for help with my driving test anxiety and had a very successful session!!
I really appreciate all his help.

Natalie Bryan

I have seen Michael for 5 sessions and in that time I have lost 10lb in weight. He made me believe that I could do it myself and whatever negative feelings I had about it all he turned them into positive. He gave me the confidence to go swimming and encouraged me to walk more.

The hypnotherapy sessions were very relaxing in a calm, quiet enviroment. I enjoyed the whole experience, which was very new to me.

I would recomend Michael as a fantastic hypnotherapist and a perfect gentleman.

Sue Kenton


I asked Michael for help with an issue I had come across recently. A couple of years ago I had a serious illness and from the outcome wasn’t the person I once was. This I thought I had accepted until I saw a happy go lucky photo taken few years previous.

As a therapist myself I knew this was something I really should nip in the bud otherwise it would have eaten away at me getting me more and more depressed.

Michael was great, very sympathetic with a fantastic sense of humour making me feel at ease during therapy.

The therapy he decided for me was BWRT which is an amazing therapy getting instant results.

Lisa Cope


I had suffered with anxiety for many years from a teen but the older i got the worse it seemed to get and the more it controlled me. I then decided after becoming a mother it was time to take control. I struggled with going out socialising and going into crowded places.

I found Michael online and after reading testimonials and days of thinking I decided to message him. He offered me a free consultation to see if his services would be good for me and after attending I quickly realised I wanted this more than I thought.

There was no pressure and we booked a time that suited me and off I went for my session.

Michael suggested BWRT to me and I’m so glad, immediately after the session, which took just 45 minutes, I felt relaxed and calm which is unusual for me! In just 45 minutes!

I then went out that evening to a busy resturant and realised when I got home at not one point did I panic or feel stressed I had a great night for the first time in a long time and every day since has been the same !

I am now planning a trip to Alton Towers somewhere I havent been since a child and wouldnt of dreamed of going before BWRT came into my life! I would have panicked at the thought!

Michael was very welcoming and didn’t make me feel like i had to use his services it was all your choice ! it was great!

I would highly recommend Michael to anyone thinking it’s time to take control of their life! You will be so glad that you did it will change your life just like it has changed mine! Thank you Michael from me and all my family! The old me is back!

Miss K Mellor


I’d had some scenarios where I was suffering from anxiety and self doubt – I approached Michael as I’d known of him for around a year after meeting him at an event where I immediately felt comfortable talking to him.

Initially, I had dismissed getting help, however when I had had some specific scenarios in my professional life that had caused me to doubt myself and become anxious I decided to do something about it. I felt relaxed talking to Michael which made the process easier to deal with. We applied BWRT which helped me to overcome these issues.

Since I have been working with Michael, I’ve found that I don’t get suffer with anxiety from those particular situations – However, I view mental health as an ongoing process and will continue to see Michael as a support function moving forward.

A. Bennett


I recently needed a steroid injection and the thought of having a needle filled me with dread.

Foolishly I left it to the last minute to seek help which meant I could only speak to Michael on the phone rather than book an appointment face to face.
Michael could sense how stressed I was and soon helped to calm my nerves. He taught me a very quick and easy to use tip over the phone and went through it with me several times until I was completely happy.

The next day I went to the hospital feeling calm and relaxed . During the injection I used the procedure Michael taught me and Wow! I didn’t feel a thing. The Doctor commented on how relaxed I was and that steroid injections can be quite painful.

Thank you Michael

Tiina Hoddy


I am pleased to provide you with my testimony to show how happy I am with the results I have gained from attending only one session of BWRT.

I suffered from a loss, and associated a lot of ‘triggers’ with that loss and after 6 years I was fed up of feeling ‘on edge’ all the time. I met with Michael who explained the BWRT method with his clients and achieving positive results after only one session.

I had one BWRT session, immediately after the session I felt confused and honestly thought how is this going to help! But immediately certain triggers were not so harsh, and gradually even got better over a week.

I am happy with the outcome, and definitely feel more relaxed.

Claire Humphries


During 2015 I suffered with stress and anxiety to the point where I had to take time off work, something I never do, and also consider medication to make me feel better. However, I decided I would try an alternative therapy first and I’m really glad I did.

I went to see Michael for hypnotherapy. We spent the first part of my session discussing how I was feeling and potential triggers.

After the session I felt composed, calm and reflective.

I am now able to reflect on things better and understand my feelings more. This helped me to get through a really tough interview for work, moving house and helping my sister with her wedding.

I was impressed by Michaels ability to understand my issues and empathise with how I was feeling.



I have suffered panic attacks from the fear of flying for over 20 years. After a consultation and building a good rapport with one another including a thorough explanation of the BWRT process I knew I had made the right choice in seeing Michael to help me.

After only 50 minutes with Michael my previous memories of anxiety had lost all there tortuous emotion. I was left bemused by the fact that I simply had no anxiety attached to my previous fear of flying.

Just three days later I travelled on holiday by plane and had no anxious feelings going or coming back as in previous years.

I can’t recommend Michael enough for anyone suffering stress , anxiety, fears or phobias.

Thank you Michael so much!

Carl Collins


I trained with Michael at the Essex Institute and was impressed with his ability to induce hypnosis in a skilled and professional manner. Furthermore his natural insight in to the therapeutic process impressed me greatly.

Dr S K Leoroyd Smith ( PHD )

I was on medication for several years with severe migraines which affected my sleeping pattern. This had a negative impact on my career and relationships with those outside work.
I was always short tempered and stressed at the smallest of issues.

Michael taught me a wonderful technique so that I don’t need medication to sleep at night.
I have had several more sessions with Michael including BWRT ,which in only one session, has completely changed my relationships with colleagues at work and loved ones at home. Now I feel more confident and happier than ever before.

K Waterfield

Michael is a talented hypnotherapist. In addiction to that he has a natural predisposition for helping people. His welcoming and approachable manner make him a perfect therapist for whoever is in need.

As a physiotherapist and osteopath I would recommend hypnosis and hypnotherapy as a valid tool for physical and psychological problems. I would definitely recommend Michael as he is a great exponent of this healing aid.

Emmanuele Careddu MCSP, M.O,r D.O, Dip. hyp

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