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Anxiety Release Programme

Anxiety Release Programme - Hypnosis Audio

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Do you suffer with any of the following symptoms? A tight,,heavy feeling in your chest? An underlying feeling of nausea perhaps? Maybe a nervous, 'butterfly' feeling in your stomach? Do your legs sometimes feel like jelly, and as if they cant support your weight? Perhaps your hands feel clammy or sweaty? Maybe you feel ‘lightheaded’, forgetful, confused? All of these physical symptoms can indicate that you are stressed or anxious.

How about the 'non physical' symptoms? The constant ‘negative’ self talk in your head? The need to constantly check and recheck? Maybe you are not sleeping well, or sleeping ‘deep’ but waking up still tired and fatigued?

Have you had a consultation with your Doctor to ensure that there are no underlying medical reasons for the above symptoms? All of the above are the classic signs of stress and anxiety, where your body and your mind are in a constant ‘fight or flight’ mode. With a constant high level of adrenaline cursing through your body alerting you to perceived, imaginary danger, not an actual dangerous situation.

THE GOOD NEWS IS that you can take back control of your mind and body. take back control of your day to day life both physically and emotionally.

This 4 session Anxiety release programme has been specifically designed to address negative thoughts and behaviours. Allowing you to gain back control so that you can live your life to the full, confident, positive and living your life with no self imposed restrictions. Living your life in the way it is meant to be, emotionally and physically complete, saying goodbye to anxiety.

The 4 audios cover:

  • Stopping negative thoughts and feelings with 2 amazingly powerful techniques that work in less than 3 minutes.
  • Guiding your mind to let go of all those limitations, whether its guilt, anger or fear you will release it with more powerful strategies in your hands.
  • Finally clearing out any old limiting beliefs, behaviours, thoughts or feelings. Once and for all you will create an obstacle free road ahead in your life.
  • In this powerful session you will pull together all of your new found resources to be always mindful of your thoughts and feelings. In this session you will finally feel complete and have all that you need to conquer anxiety and stress.

Instructions for use: Listen to audio 1 once a day or as often as possible for 1 week to 10 days. Then move onto audio 2 and repeat until you have listened to all audios in the program. You can go back to any particular audio you like after listening to the whole program or restart the audio program from the beginning and repeat the process. Do not listen to these audios whilst driving or operating machinery. 


“I don’t normally write reviews, however after 4 sessions with Michael Pulman Therapies I feel I have to. I contacted Michael 4 weeks ago, after following his Facebook page for weeks. I plucked up the courage to call. It was a huge step. I suffered from anxiety, depression and very low moods after a 32yr marriage ended. I didn’t know who I was anymore, were my life was heading, I was so afraid, lonely, desperately sad. My confidence, self esteem, energy levels and mood were at rock bottom. It was a dark place. I never thought I’d come out into the light again. So, 4 sessions later, after meeting Michael, taking onboard all his advice, “wake up call challenges” and working with him 100%, I’m a different person. I’ve now joined social groups, I’m out constantly doing different things, my social life has exploded! I’ve reconnected with old friends, I’m confident and chatty again, like my old self. I feel amazing, I’ve lost weight and I know I’m a good person, my life is worth living... I’m worth it!! This transformation doesn’t happen overnight, it sinks into the subconscious and drip feeds you everyday and night. Everyday you notice little changes that adds up to the WOW factor!! Life changing!! Thank you Michael”. - Sharon Osmond

“I would 100% recommend Michael he is so easy to talk to and puts you totally at ease from the minute you meet him. I'm so glad I went to see Michael after suffering with anxiety for many years even after my first visit I felt amazing, he certainly turned my life around” . - Barbara Atkins

“Michael has helped me immensely over the four sessions I've had with him. I used to get very anxious over exams and felt inadequate. Michael helped me to regain my confidence and helped calm me down so I could pass a very important exam. My sleep has improved as well as a very bad neck pain I have had for 14 years. I am very very grateful to him and would recommend his sessions to anyone!”. - Mitzi Smith

Anxiety Release (1) Duration 49:56 / Space 59:9MB
Anxiety Release (2) Duration 57:43 / Space 69:3MB
Anxiety Release (3) Duration 53:38 / Space 64:4MB
Anxiety Release (4) Duration 1:02:18 / Space 74:8MB

Please note: the download will be a large ZIP file containing all of these tracks.