We all have times when we feel confident, it can be doing something we enjoy or just something that we are used to doing. None of us were born with confidence, it is something we learned by committing to an action. For example, when we learn to ride a bike we struggle at first and we might fall off. But if you are committed to finishing off that action, if you get back on the bike and believe that you will succeed and trust in your abilities then you will learn to ride. This success reinforces our belief that if we follow through with something then we can achieve it. The more we believe this and use it in different situations in our life then the more it becomes a habit. Ultimately we have learned to be confident in our abilities.

However not all of us are confident. As we grow up parents, friends, teachers and partners through their own lack of confidence can impart those beliefs on to you. For those who lack confidence it is due to thinking negatively. If we believe that those around us don’t believe in us then we never even commit to taking action. Self limiting beliefs can affect our relationships with those around us. This can ultimately lead you to doing a job you do not enjoy. It can also leave you struggling to find a partner, putting on weight, finding it difficult to make friends, the list is endless.

The more you fail to commit to taking action the more it is reinforced in your subconscious. After a while we believe that success and happiness is something other people have. However this doesn’t have to be the case. Just as we were not born confident, we certainly were not born lacking confidence. You can learn to be confident if you have the right help. I have helped clients grow in confidence so that they applied for their dream jobs. Some clients are now able to speak in front of large audiences. Others can now go on a plane, approach potential partners in social situations, take driving tests and exams.

Whatever you lack confidence in, if you truly want to overcome that negative feeling to become calmer, relaxed and most of all supremely confident that you can achieve your aims then i am here to help.

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