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Hypnotherapy for Panic Attacks In Birmingham

Hypnotherapy to stop Panic Attacks


I use several techniques including hypnotherapy to stop panic attacks from my Birmingham office. A panic attack is an overwhelming feeling of anxiety and fear. Your heart beats so hard it feels like it is coming out of your chest. You become detached from your surroundings and feel as though you have lost complete control. Breathing becomes erratic and it is common to feel sick or faint. In some instances you feel you are about to die. A panic attack may be a one off occurrence, however for some, panic attacks happen on a regular basis. Repeat episodes are often triggered by specific situations, for example, speaking in public or being in a confined space. If this situation has previously triggered a panic attack it is likely to do so again. Research suggests that feelings of being trapped or impending harm can induce an attack.

Our hypnotherapy sessions to stop panic attacks in Birmingham helps you to find the underlying issues that have caused the symptoms of your panic attacks. Once we had identified those reasons we can then remove the negative emotions attached. Once we have achieved this we can quickly help you to feel naturally calmer, relaxed and empowered no matter where you are or the situation you are in.

Unfortunately panic attacks can develop abruptly and quite randomly. Symptoms may include

Heart palpitations

Hyperventilation (shortness of breath)

Physically shaking


Feeling dizzy/faint

Loss of control

Feeling hot/cold

While some people experience a one off panic attack those who suffer from repeated episodes become susceptible to a panic disorder. This disorder forms after repeated attacks that affect the way you think and behave. It creates constant anxiety due to the feelings of an impending attack. Those suffering with a panic disorder experience

Frequent panic attacks

Constant worry

Avoidance of places/situations that you believe will cause a panic attack.

A panic disorder can leave a long lasting impression due to the emotional and physical toll it takes on you. Feelings of inadequacy, low self esteem and lack of confidence can have debilitating impact on you and your families life. If left unchecked a panic disorder can lead to other symptoms which include

Anticipatory anxiety – Fear of the fear of an attack. Constant tension and anxiety between attacks.

Phobic avoidance – Total avoidance of situations/places that you believe could cause an attack. This avoidance potentially leads to something called Agoraphobia. This phobia is caused from fear or embarrassment that an attack is oncoming. It is especially acute when it appears escape from a situation is particularly difficult.

Packages to stop panic attacks in Birmingham helps you resolve those anxieties you have felt for far too long and subsequently helps to promote a greater sense of calm, confidence and well being.



Why not take the first step in contacting me to arrange a free telephone consultation for hypnosis for panic attacks in Birmingham. Together we can discuss the best way forward to help you live the life you truly deserve, without fear or apprehension. This free consultation can be life changing in itself because you will learn that it is possible to end your panic attacks and look forward to living a relaxed, confident and empowered life. Just email me via my contact form or call me today on 07749 571 490 to take the first step.




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