People who suffer from a phobia often experience an overwhelming and persistent fear that is out of proportion. This fear can be caused by things such as objects, situations, animals, places or feelings. A phobia can become so severe that people organise their whole lives in order to avoid contact with the very thing that causes them anxiety.

Those unfortunate enough to suffer a phobia will often have feelings of nausea, palpitations, sweating, heavy breathing and upset stomach.

There are two types of phobia, SIMPLE and COMPLEX.

Simple phobias often develop during childhood and are commonly based on fear. These include, spiders, snakes, heights, injections, flying, water, dentists.

Complex phobias often manifest during adulthood and are deeply rooted in fear and anxiety. The two most common are Agoraphobia and Social phobia. Those experiencing either of these can feel lost and helpless. People experiencing Agoraphobia are anxious when finding themselves in difficult or embarrassing situations. These situations can be waiting in a line, travelling on public transportation or among a crowd of people. Sufferers have sometimes experienced a number of panic attacks, sometimes publicly. These can randomly occur any time or place they leave the person hyper vigilant and fearful of leaving them open to reoccurrence in another public place. Side effects of suffering from this phobia is fatigue, tension and depression.

Social phobia disrupts peoples lives due to a fear of being watched, judged, or embarrassed by their own actions. A perfect example is giving a public speech. People who suffer from Social phobia report feelings of anxiety, helplessness, dizziness, fatigue. Social phobia can occur randomly around certain people or situations. It is because of the social aspect of this phobia that work, relationships and self esteem and confidence can all be put under immense strain. Many sufferers have parents or siblings who suffer with the same phobia. Therefore it is something that we learn to be fearful of ourselves. What can be learned can be unlearned.

Identifying the potential causes is the best way to work towards a solution and it is a phobia that works remarkably well to the treatments i use. When you learn to overcome your phobia you can then live a calm and relaxed life confident to make the very best decisions for you and your family making avoidance a thing of the past.

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