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Overcoming Your Anxiety - With Michael Pulman The Anxiety Coach

Overcoming Your Anxiety - With Michael Pulman The Anxiety Coach

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You will receive more than 12 powerful techniques that my clients have successfully learned to stop their anxiety. These include my latest video training to help you achieve your goals. These are exclusive to this course and never been delivered outside of my office until now.


These techniques are my go to methods to help my clients quickly reduce the crippling effects of anxiety. They have gained emotional freedom and now take control of their lives each and everyday. Imagine how amazing that will feel for you.


▪️ Anxiety - what it is and why do we suffer from it 
▪️ The mind and body connection - how anxiety affects our mind and body
▪️ Limiting thoughts and beliefs - where do they come from and how they govern our life
▪️ The subconscious versus conscious
▪️ Placebo versus Nocebo
▪️ Negative habits and behaviours
▪️ Why do we do what we do
▪️ Destructive security
▪️ The 3F’s - Fight, Flight, Freeze
▪️ Questioning beliefs
▪️ Affirmations: What are they and how can they help
▪️ Imagination and emotions
▪️ Beware of the label: How to change negative self talk
▪️ Understanding panic attacks and how to stop them fast