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Hypnotherapy for Self Esteem

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Many people believe that self esteem and confidence are the same thing but this is not the case.  Our confidence is related to ‘action’ and our belief on how successful we can carry out that action. This is known as Domain Specific. Self esteem is the opinion you have on yourself. It is how you value yourself in various situations such as the work place, and personal and professional relationships. It is how you believe others may see you, your social status and achievements attained in life. In essence having low self esteem means having a negative outlook and a high level of self critique. I help people using hypnotherapy to increase self esteem in my Birmingham office.

The world around us seems to be moving faster and placing more demands on us than ever before. The pressure at work, home life, relationships, the constant demand to keep up with the latest social trends. It is not surprising so many of us are left feeling left behind or inadequate. Sometimes it is our own high standards that we place upon ourselves but seldom are able to meet. We set ourselves up to fail but never really know why we do this, we just do.

Low self esteem, more often than not, is due to a learned behaviour during childhood. While many of the role models around us built up our confidence and self esteem sometimes there may have been words or actions that we took on board in a negative way. Theses negative thoughts are embedded in our mind and can grow stronger as we get older, especially if we start to believe them. After a while we can truly believe that we are stupid, not good enough, can never succeed in life.

The effects of low self esteem can inevitably challenge the relationship you have with the outside world. The strain between family, friends and work colleagues could lead you to removing yourself from social situations in an attempt to make you feel better. However over time this reinforces the self doubt you already have and makes things more difficult.

I have helped many people to achieve a greater self esteem leaving them confident with who they are and knowing that they can achieve the goals they want. If you want to build better relationships at work or with family but more importantly with yourself…then i can help you achieve that.



Why not take the first step in contacting me to arrange a free telephone consultation for hypnosis for self esteem in Birmingham. Together we can discuss the best way forward to help you live the life you truly deserve, without fear or apprehension. This free consultation can be life changing in itself because you will learn that it is possible to increase your self esteem and look forward to living a relaxed, confident and empowered life. Just email me via my contact form or call me today on 07749 571 490 to take the first step.

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