When it comes to sports performance our bodies are more adapt than we believe they are. Many people can relate to an experience of finding a sudden burst of speed to get out of the way of an oncoming vehicle, or being able to lift seemingly impossible weights if somebody is trapped underneath. However we simply have no need to access these capabilities in our usual everyday lives except in extreme situations. This means our tremendous reserves of physical power can only be reached in an irregular and unforeseeable fashion.

We can use hypnosis to make the process more reliable by using visualisation techniques. A performer can then utilise increased strength and endurance while performing. Hypnosis can also be used to help an athlete get in peak condition. This can be done by increasing motivation to train or to aid with weight loss or weight gain in certain circumstances.

Sports vary in their disciplines but one common theme needed to achieve success is the right mind set. I use therapies that eliminate potential negative features or existing negative elements that dwell in the mind. Hypnosis helps by stopping negative thoughts before they become habits. For example a golfer struggling with his short game yet can tee off perfectly each and every time. The golfer has a created a belief that they will play a bad short game every time and this belief becomes reinforced after each poorly shot played.

Sport and hypnosis are both about focusing the minds attention, so they work extremely well together. Sport is also a vivid, sensory and physical experience that is easy to visualise. Professional athletes have reaped the benefits of hypnosis for decades including – Swimmers, track and field athletes, golfers, boxers, even screen and stage actors to lose weight or help with performance anxiety.

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