Out of my Lichfield Hypnotherapy Clinic and onto the common to cure a phobia in 20 minutes

Ginny the dog (with a bit of help from Michael) and Farah became firm friends after a short therapy session

As summer comes along many of us like to get out on a country walk with our family, but for some people it is not fun. They are dog-phobic and always looking over their shoulder in case there is a dog near.
My client Farah, who had come to my anxiety Hypnotherapy Clinic in Lichfield was one of those people. She had been frightened of dogs since she was four, but now she is fear-free and laughs as she strokes a passing pooch.
I took Farah to the local common we came across neighbourhood dog Ginny and her owner. Ginny was certainly not expecting to become therapy dog for the day, but she was delighted to help.

My content free hypnotherapy techniques for dealing with anxiety worked so well that, within 20 minutes, Farah was stroking Ginny, delighted to be able to stroke a dog for the first time in her life.
She said: ‘I’m touching Ginny’s head. And I love the way it feels. Twenty minutes ago, when Michael asked me how anxious I felt around dogs I would have said 10, now it is none – I feel fine. I really like the way she feels, it’s so weird. Ginny is a star.’
Farah is really into this stroking thing now, she has even been around to her neighbours to ask if she can stroke their dog too.
‘Content free’ therapy: you don’t even have to tell me what your fear is
We know that phobias like Farah’s are often the result of fears implanted in childhood. By using techniques such as getting the client to make an image of their fear like a film and then running it backwards or making it into a comedy, we can dislodge that fear. It can work like a dream, as we see in Farah’s case.
I can do that ‘content free’ which means you don’t have to relive any trauma or dwell on your fear, you don’t even have to tell me what your fear is! With the techniques I use the memory remains, but the emotion is taken out and the client creates their own preferred response.
In Farah’s case that response is a good giggle and a tickle round a dog’s ears. Result!

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