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About Michael Pulman Hypnotherapy

Michael Pulman is a Healthcare Practitioner and Anxiety Therapist in Walsall. He holds qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Psychology and Advanced level Hypno Analysis.

During my career as a Healthcare Professional I have had the opportunity to help hundreds of people who have suffered with emotional and behavioural issues using hypnotherapy in my Walsall office.

Several years ago I experienced severe depression. One day I was feeling fine and the next I struggled to get out of bed. This feeling of fatigue and complete remoteness from family and friends hit me harder than anything I had previously experienced. I didn’t feel comfortable taking medication, but what else was there that could help me?

After doing some research I found Hypnotherapy. In just a few sessions I learned how life changing this therapy truly was. It helped me to find within myself all the answers I needed to feel happy, calm and confident within myself. The results were so life changing I left my career to train and qualify as a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I realised I already had all the tools I needed to make my life a happier and more rewarding one. With my other range of therapies I have helped people to achieve happiness for themselves. Its easier than you think. So this leads me to perhaps the most important part of working with me and why I help so many clients achieve life changing results. I understand your worries and relate to your concerns. You will realise that I truly empathise with the way you are feeling right now and that together you can overcome your anxieties to live a happy, confident and empowering life.

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