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Hypnosis Audios Explained

Let me ask you a simple question

Do you remember a time in your life when you felt whole? I mean physically and emotionally. Perhaps it was as a child without a care in the world, never stopping to think of the consequences but just enjoying life and doing the things that made you smile. Maybe it was a time in your life that you seemed to have the magic touch. A great job, wonderful partner, a balanced work and lifestyle with a beautiful home, car and holidays every year. You took life in your stride and everything felt complete.

Let me ask you another question. What happened?

Allow me to answer. You happened! You got in your own way of feeling happy. Negative thoughts and feelings crept in and slowly but surely stopped you in your tracks. The “ What ifs” came in to your life and stole the very essence of you. You might not remember when exactly, but it did. But don’t feel bad because so many of us do it, it’s so easy to do. More importantly, it’s easy to change and once again feel whole. So maybe you feel an emptiness inside. I remember that feeling all too well when I suffered with anxiety and depression. A feeling of being lost and disconnected. You might feel that same feeling. Many suffer from a crushing tightness in their chest every time they try and leave the house or perform a task that was once so simple.

Many of my clients tell me their body physically shakes, their mind goes blank and they literally go into melt down. The cause could be a traumatic memory or an unwanted habit. Perhaps a persistent feeling that it’s “Just the way I am”. If you are like my clients then I know you just want to feel normal again. To laugh, smile, live the life you want without fear or consequences. Just like when we were children.

For some time now I have been reminded by my amazing clients how incredible it would be to replicate sessions for people the world over so they too could reap the powerfully positive benefits of 1-1 sessions. How many people globally suffer with anxiety, panic attacks, low self esteem or confidence issues? How many could benefit from a program or even single session?

I thought about my clients enthusiasm for many months, wondering if it was possible to create and present years of my knowledge and expertise, coupled with hundreds of client success stories to any audience anywhere in the world.

After several months deliberating with medical experts and respected therapists I decided to step up to the challenge and create, produce and deliver professionally recorded sessions specifically tailored to an individuals needs. Imagine a program to help you be more confident socially or in the workplace. What if you had an audio to help you travel by car or plane with in perfect emotional comfort. Maybe you would benefit from a program to help you lose and keep off excess weight, without fad diets and without gruelling boot camps. Imagine a program to help resolve your anxiety once and for all so you can feel emotionally and physically calm .

Taking years of knowledge from individual client sessions I began to piece together all the most powerfully successful techniques to form the audio products. I trialled these products for months with new clients to great success.

Can you imagine listening in the comfort of your own home a powerful audio program that can change your negative thoughts and feelings. You can listen to your program as often as you like knowing that it could help you think positively and feel whole again. No more limitations. No more “What ifs”. With the help of you audio program you can live life on your own terms and feel normal once again.

These powerful audio programs make perfect financial sense. From the very beginning the most expensive program is less expensive than a single 1-1 session with me. Geography is no longer an issue. Allow me to help you in the comfort of your own home anytime of day.