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I firmly believe that one style of therapy does not benefit everyone. We all have different habits, behaviours, stresses and thoughts in our mind. That is why my therapies are integrative. Your free consultation will help me to learn what you really want. Then we can use several different therapies which will give you the greatest chance of success. Using this method has helped many of my clients overcome their fears, unwanted habits, lose weight, quit smoking, gain more confidence or simply learn how to deal with stress and much more beside.


Why not take the first step in contacting me to arrange a free telephone consultation for hypnotherapy in Walsall. Together we can discuss the best way forward to help you live the life you truly deserve, without fear or apprehension. This free consultation can be life changing in itself because you will learn that it is possible to resolve your issues and look forward to living a relaxed, confident and empowered life. Just email me via my contact form or call me today on 07749 571 490 to take the first step.


The benefit you will gain in using an integrative therapy is

  • a therapy tailored to your individual needs
  • a content free method of working so you may not need to discuss issues you feel awkward or embarrassed about
  • methods of working which can take just one session
  • learn how your thought processes control your habits and emotions
  • beneficial changes to behaviour
  • removing unwanted symptoms
  • a style of therapy that may not need hypnosis
  • gain a greater understanding of your mind and body connection
  • learn techniques you can use for life to achieve confidence, calmness and focus.
  • a solution based therapy that finds the cause rather than the answer to your problem

“We first make our habits, then our habits make us”