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August Blog

Welcome to the August edition of my blog. This time of year can be a particularly stressful one in people’s lives. The dreaded school holidays! 

Even if you don’t have children of your own, you will no doubt see more and more children around your local shop, town, parks or street corner at this time of year. Does that fill you with fear or unease?

If you do have children, it’s that time of year when you could be wondering how on earth you’re going to keep them busy for six whole weeks. Many of us plan, me included, a holiday for all the family. Just the thought of planning one, let alone the holiday itself, can leave us feeling stressed.

Do you have enough money for a holiday?
Can you get the time off work?
Can you all agree on where to go?
Who needs new clothes to go away?
How long should you go for?
Listing the positives and negatives of a holiday abroad against a holiday at home… The list is endless.
It’s also the time of year when children need new uniform… Let’s not start another new list of fears!

People do live with fears their whole lives of course. The summer months highlight people’s negativity towards the heat (yes even our British summer) . Then there is the hay fever season, wasps, bees, midges, thunderstorms. The councils decide to carry out maintenance on our roads so congestion and the likelihood of queuing is more prevalent, who likes traffic jams? Wait a minute… We are back listing the things we dislike!

So Augusts edition should be about lists I think. We all have our lists: our bucket list; need to do list; shopping list. Well the new page on my website has a list of phobias. It is by no means exhaustive but please realise as you read through the A-Z that these are real phobias that have a real impact on the sufferers, for that is what they do, suffer.

But what is a phobia?

More on that next month. Until next month, bye for now.

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