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Become a Turtle

So I’m watching a wildlife programme, I love learning about the world around us rather than finding out if Adam from Aberdeen has passed the lie detector test and is the baby’s father!

Anyway…I’m watching turtles hatching on a beach and racing into the ocean, racing for their very survival… I’m gripped… heart in my mouth and feeling sorry for these poor creatures… but should I feel sorry for them?

Thinking about it I’m rather jealous… but why I hear you ask?

The turtle lays and buried its eggs on the beach and nothing happens until fifty or so days later. Then the sound of cracking shell and the emergence of hatchlings scurrying towards the ocean shore before the appearance of hungry predators awaiting a feast.

Those that make the ocean survive to repeat this whole process of laying eggs on a beach…others aren’t so fortunate. Sounds pretty simplistic doesn’t it? But there lies the turtles advantage over a humans and thats where my admiration lies.

Let me explain

1. How does the turtle know which way to go after breaking out the shell?

2. How do they know they need to use their beaks to break out of the shell?

3. How do they know that travelling fast is so important?

4. How do they know what the water is?

5. How do they know the water means survival?

6. How do they know they have to travel upwards to get out of the shell?

One word can answer all these questions…. INSTINCT

And it’s this instinct that gives a turtle a unique advantage over us humans.

Turtles are not taught negativity or expectations of failure.

Turtles are not told what they can or can’t do or that they can’t achieve something. Humans lose their hard wired instincts as they grow up around those whose beliefs conflict our own. Our assertiveness, protectiveness and capacity to change becomes diluted.

Instead of just doing we are tied up in conflict, negative beliefs and self doubt…..then along comes a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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