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First Aid For The Mind

How many of you have a first aid box?

More than likely you will have something tucked away… probably in a draw somewhere, in the kitchen… am I right? Yes I’m not the only one with that draw that has everything in am I !

Paracetamol , plasters, rennies ( other indigestion tablets are available) TCP, burn cream.. the list could go on…

All these items are stored just in case of an accident and the thought of knowing we have something buried away in a corner of the house somewhere gives us some form of comfort.

These items have one thing in common, they all help with physical ailments of course.

But wait a minute!!!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could carry something around with us that could help with psychological ailments such as anxiety, stress, embarrassing encounters , difficult social situations…

The following is just one of many exercises I teach my clients to use with astonishingly effective results.

Firstly think of what you would have in your very own Empowerment Aid Kit ( EAK )

Example #
Memories of a scene from your favourite holiday
The taste from a great meal you have eaten
Favourite smell or colour
Particular song/sound
A texture, item, time with a loved one

It’s whatever you want but make each thing… including the EAK box itself , VIVID…. see, smell, hear, taste a touch

Do not do the following whilst driving or operating machinery… I couldn’t afford the claims!


1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Sit or lie down. Arms by your side.Phone on silent. Eyes closed.

2. Take slow a deep breaths, in through your nose.. out through your mouth. Take your time doing this there’s no need to hurry!

3. Notice the muscles from the top of your head relaxing, the muscles in your face… around your eyes and eyelids, cheeks a jaw muscles becoming more relaxed.

4. This relaxation spreading in to your chest a down along your spine… through your arms and into each finger and thumb. Continuing down in to your thighs, calves, shins, feet and each toe.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 only this time imagine a big warm wave sweeping through every muscle and doubling your relaxation. Notice your breathing slower, easier, your heart resting gently.

Now open your EAK and enjoy interacting with the items you want… making it truly vivid and feeling totally calm, happy and relaxed as you do so.

If you practice practice practice this SETTLING ROUTINE then after a while you can skip it and in those situations at work, home, social situation etc.. you will be able to just close your eyes and see clearly your EAK and find swift comfort from those niggling worries and stresses.

Practice practice practice and enjoy creating and using your new Kit

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