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How I used hypnotherapy to help my mum overcome her fear of flying

How I used hypnotherapy for phobia to help my mum overcome her fear of flying

My mum, Joy is 71 this month and she is jetting about all over Europe. She is just back from a break in Rome and is off to Sicily and Greece later in the year. For her, this is remarkable. For years she was terrified of flying. She says: “It used to be terrible, I would need a tranquiliser pill and a vodka to get me on a plane. Then, when I arrived I would start worrying about flying back so I never really enjoyed it.’

I was so pleased when she asked me if hypnotherapy for flying phobia would work. She came to my Walsall hypnotherapy clinic and we got started. Mum was a bit worried she would have to go into her whole life story and, as she put it talk about things things a bit embarrassing between mother and son. I reassured her it wasn’t like that at all. Modern phobia hypnotherapy is quick, effective and the client does not need to disclose secrets to the hypnotherapist.

It worked brilliantly for Mum. She is really enjoying life and loves travelling abroad now. Her life has opened up in other ways as well. She says, “I used to be really anxious about going out. If I was inside a building I would be looking for the exit. Now I am always at the theatre and out in the shopping mall. I love life and I am making the most of it.”

I love helping people, and this one is really special. What could be better than seeing your mum’s life transformed?

If you are worried about flying as the holiday season starts, now is the time to deal with it. Modern hypnotherapy can overcome flying phobia in one or two sessions. Forget the image of swinging watches and lying on couches, it’s not like that at all. Because we understand more now about how our minds hold beliefs and memories we can use simple logical techniques to help you change those beliefs. It works and it is quick.

If you want to enjoy getting on that plane. Contact me now.

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