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My Weight Loss Journey

Let me take you back to a time long long ago…well 12 months ago actually. I had just finished eating a wonderful lunch at my mothers house. It was that time of year when mother and son engaged in a family traditional feast gorging on a platter of world cheeses, pate, crackers and port…lots of port. As usual I regretted eating so much, I knew I would before I even picked up the first biscuit. The familiar feelings of feeling fat and frumpy after eating so much had returned before I finished chewing. I had done it…. I worked hard in the gym all week, had eaten healthy and nutritional meals morning, noon and evening only to let the greedy pig take over and take me two steps back…..Idiot!

This wasn’t the first time either. For so many years I would go hell for leather in the gym, sweating and charging around like an Ogre who lost his last Rolo…other sweets are available! For years I would read every jar, every tin of food on the supermarket shelf learning all about nutritional content. I stopped enjoying food a long time ago. Day after day all I could see on my plate was protein, carbohydrates, fat. Each day I became Carol Vorderman counting and subtracting my daily calorie intake against calories burned in the gym. My life revolved around food, training and food..and training of course.

Since I became a therapist I have used many of the techniques I learned for self development. If you needed an expert on procrastination then I was your man and I would get back to you eventually…see what I did there? But now I no longer put things off as I used to. I make plans and I carry them out. Every month I make progress and achieve the things I want to achieve. Before I became a therapist I was riddled with fear and doubt. You see everyone else found success easy, everyone else just did what they wanted to do and did it perfectly each and every time. I could never do that, success happened to other people, they deserved it and I didn’t. More about the word deserve in another blog coming soon.

So shortly after swallowing down a wonderful Brie I heard a voice in my head say “enough”. Now before you think I’ve lost the plot let me explain about the voices in my head. One of the therapies I use with clients is called Warrior, Settler, Nomad, WSN. This amazing therapy helps create and build characters from your own psyche to help you achieve issues in both private and professional life. Remember I spoke about overcoming procrastination, fear and doubt? Well, WSN was just one of the therapies that helped me and my clients week in week out. I have used WSN for confidence, fear, anxiety, motivation, career decisions the list goes on. It is truly amazing.

Back to the voice. A part deep within me had enough of eating without enjoying, training without gaining and feeling fat and frumpy. I had enough. It was there in my mothers living room that I decided that I was not happy, but more than that, I decided I deserved to be happy. I knew what I wanted and decided 2016 was the year I was going to achieve it. I also knew that I needed help. If you want something you never had you have to do something you’ve never done. I spoke to an old friend of mine who agreed to train me. He had achieved fantastic results for himself and other like minded athletes looking to lose weight and gain muscle. For the first time I had someone training and supporting me. I had someone who got to know and understand my habits and behaviours. He could relate to how I felt because he once had those same doubts and fears.

If you want to achieve something then find someone who has what you want and mirror them. This means whatever they have done to succeed you do likewise. You buy in to that template and follow it religiously. In my case this was train and eat the same foods as my template. For a year now I have eaten the same foods in the same quantity and proportion, the same time of day, prepared and cooked the same. I have trained the same days, at the same times, with the same intensity doing the same exercises, routines, sets and reps. I have consistently stayed away from the high fat and carbohydrate foods whilst learning to enjoy the foods I now eat, and I no longer feel guilty when I treat myself to some fast food or a bar of chocolate because I deserve it.

Having a great personal trainer to teach you about nutrition and exercise is one thing but you need something else. Your trainer can’t be with you 24/7, the one person who you have to constantly rely on is you. I knew the right foods to buy, prepare and cook. I knew the exercises to do and just how to do them. But what else?… Mindset! Mindset Mindset. I have learned the tools to help me achieve whatever I decide. I do this with excitement, confidence and a clear expectation of achieving. I am not ashamed to say I still get nervous, a little doubting at times but I know and accept this is natural, it is a part of me and I embrace it. I don’t know everything but I know that there are templates out there to follow.

So where am I now in my weight loss journey? Well, I’ve lost 35lbs of fat…I’ve lost over 4 inches off my waist line and I’ve gained confidence, self esteem and a whole new respect for myself. This year I have helped so many people, many of whom come to see me for weight loss. I think this is because I can relate to them. I understand those fears, those doubts and insecurities. I understand their mindset. I help people create the mindset that works for them so it just becomes a part of them. You really can achieve your goals if you know someone who can guide you in the right direction. I would like to thank my personal trainer Adam and all those who have supported me in my gym. Most of all I would like to give myself some credit, for respecting myself and wanting the best for my life, for giving me the mindset to be strong and confident even though at times I felt weak and lacked confidence, just as we all do at times. But thats ok

It’s not always easy but it is always worth it…

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